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25-Jun-2017 05:55

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This can be seen, most notably, with her relation to Wendy Darling in the original film.Some fans have assumed that Tinker Bell has a romantic crush on Peter.This angers Tinker Bell, making her red with jealously and even calling Wendy a "big ugly girl".Soon enough, Wendy explains that she may never see Peter again as her father is forcing her to "grow up" and leave the Pan stories in the past.However, Peter simply spanks the fairy dust out of Tink and unto the Darlings, giving them the ability to fly to Neverland.

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In the Disney Fairies franchise, she is sometimes seen wearing a variety of clothing based on her original outfit.

Peter orders Tink to take the Darlings to the island for safety, but Tink leaves them in her dust.

She heads to Hangman's Tree where she, Peter, and the Lost Boys reside.

Despite her cute appearance, Tinker Bell is very sassy, feisty, stubborn, and hot-tempered.

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Upon meeting Wendy and other human females, Tink immediately shows disgust and irritation, mostly out of jealousy.One night in London, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan visit the home of the Darling family as he accidentally left his living shadow there during one of his previous visits.

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